Every professional player has his own secrets for playing poker. Sometimes they share it in books, but it is impossible to gather all the advice in one article. Let’s talk about the basic principles that will help you to be better at poker.
First think then do
In poker, you cannot rely on luck. Therefore, always act consciously and predict the consequences. Follow a certain strategy at the table and do not change it under the influence of emotions. For example, make a bet only if you have good cards or want to bluff.
Mistakes are normal on the way to professionalism. However, over time, it is important to learn how to minimize a number of mistakes and control your emotions. Play with a “cold head” and get a pleasure from the gaming process. Big victories will come for sure.
Improve your skills
Your skill determines the outcome of every game. Yes, sometimes luck can help you to win one or two games, but that happens not so often. In the long run professional career, the winner is who constantly works on improving his skills. Try to reduce the number of misses and increase the heights of your games and opponents. Read poker books, watch videos and other materials regularly. Also, spend some time to practice. You may even start by playing poker for free with your friends or colleagues. Do not spend your money, just practice.
Do not hurry up
It is not a good idea to try to win your money fast. Professionals advise starting with little bets. If you feel confident at low tables then you can go to the next level table. If you see that the game is extremely difficult and you lose your money, do not be afraid to return to the previous limits.
Collect the maximum information
Poker alludes to those kinds of games where you must be exceptionally mindful. The chances of winning depend straightforwardly on the measure of information you gathered. Focus on the circumstance; be watchful about the size of bets. You can even make a few notes. Enhance your insight into poker and psychology.

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